interconnections services

Counseling and Therapy Services

I provide individual, couples, and career counseling for individuals and couples. My psychotherapy services may benefit people who are seeking help to cope with life's challenges across a broad range of issues or those who are seeking increased motivation, connection, and meaning in their lives. I provide a free 15-minute phone consultation for those who are interested in seeking counseling services.

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Clinical Supervision

I provide clinical supervision to counseling professionals acquiring hours needed for licensure. I am passionate about providing quality training and supervision from both a holistic and multicultural framework. I work from a developmental and interpersonal model when working with supervisees. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your supervision needs.

Consulting and Educational Services

I provide outreach, education and mentorship to the public and to mental health professionals in the areas of cultural competence and mind-body wellness. My workshops for the public include topics such as stress reduction, incorporating mindfulness into our lives, tips for a healthy lifestyle, strategies for effective weight management, and developing healthy body image. Contact me directly to discuss your interest in these services.


Christy D. Hofsess, Ph.D.
4425 Fremont Ave. N.
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