Getting Started

Current Availability

New Patients:
Please note that I am accepting new couples therapy clients but not individual therapy clients at this time.

When I am not taking on new couples clients, I refer couples seeking couples therapy referrals to the following website to explore other local Emotionally Focused Therapy providers: 

For individual clients, I recommend exploring options through or

Start with a free 15-minute consultation

If you would like to explore whether working with me will meet your needs, I offer a free initial phone consultation prior to your first therapy session.

The purpose of this initial consultation is for me to find out what your needs are and to be available to answer your questions. We will also discuss logistics that may affect whether we can work together, such as schedules/insurance issues/fees. With mutual agreement an initial appointment will be scheduled. The initial appointment is also an opportunity to explore whether we may be a good fit.

Preparing for the initial appointment

Before your scheduled initial appointment, I will send you a link to my confidential portal where you can access the documents you will need to print, read, sign and review prior to our session.

The documents include:

  • An Intake Questionnaire that will help me determine how I can be most helpful to you
  • The Service Agreement provides information about how we will work together
  • The Privacy Notice reviews your rights to privacy as a client in therapy. 
Download the Privacy Notice document
  • A Good Faith Estimate of Charges for my services, required by the No Surprises Act
  • A Telehealth Consent Form

Please submit all documents to me via email the night before our scheduled appointment.

Length of Session & What to Expect:
The initial appointment may be either 55 or 80 minutes, depending on our schedules. During this time, I will ask you a variety of questions about your presenting concerns, history, general functioning, and hopes for therapy. I will also talk to you about my office policies, and the general approach we will take as we work together given your needs.

Preparing for the Online Session
All sessions are currently conducted remotely. I am using a platform called that is HIPAA compliant. You will be provided with the link prior to our initial session. You should be able to check into this site prior to our session time, and I will see you have checked in in my queue (like a waiting area). At the start of the hour, I will initiate our session. 

Additional Accommodations:
Please let me know in advance if you need accommodations. For in person visits (not currently offered) my office is not wheelchair accessible but I will be glad to provide you with appropriate referrals.

Confidential client portal

I provide new clients with a link to create an account in my confidential Client Portal where intake documents will be stored. The client portal also contains billing and insurance information. If you are individual client and have insurance for which I am out of network and wish to submit claims for reimbursement, my client portal will store the statements you need. I will provide you with a link to create a profile. After payment is received for sessions, a statement for your insurance will be generated within 48 hours, and you will be notified by email of that statement. You can then access it at your convenience. Please speak with me directly for more information about accessing my client portal.

A note on confidentiality

As a licensed psychologist, I adhere to strict standards of confidentiality of client records and contacts as outlined by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Laws and Regulations of Washington State. Please read the Confidentiality document and websites below for more information about these standards of confidentiality and privacy, which describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed.


All counseling services have a standard fee. Sliding fees are available on a limited and individual basis. 

  • Initial Phone Consultation (15 Minutes) Free
  • Initial Appointment/Diagnostic Assessment $285
  • Individual and Couples Counseling Session (55 Minutes) $240
  • Couples Counseling Session (80 Minutes) $360
  • Missed Sessions/Cancellations within 48 hours $150
  • Clinical Phone Consultation (5 minutes) $15 (phone calls are free for first 5 minutes and billed at $15 every 5 minutes thereater)

Cancellation policy

Please provide at least 48 hours notice for cancellations. I charge a flat rate of $150 for cancellations made within 48 hours of the appointment and my full fee for no shows.


I am an in-network provider for a few insurance companies, including Premera and First Choice. If I am not on your insurance panel and you wish to see me for individual therapy, I can provide you with a superbill to submit for your own reimbursement. Statements will be available through my client portal.  Most insurance plans do not cover couples counseling.